Blue Valentine Headquarters, located in South Texas.  The Wright family raises amazing Quarter Horses.  Ginger first met them in 2017.  After doing a lot of research on their program, she went down for a visit and to purchase a blue roan colt.  The friendship was immediate.  Ginger almost lost that colt after he received an antibiotic shot that he had a life threatening reaction to at the vet. Ginger's vet team worked night and day for a week to save his life and they succeeded.  After Ginger's accident, they decided to gift Ginger with another blue roan to match the one that she originally purchased to use for a roman riding team.  They were amazed at the recovery of the colt, and Gingers quick recovery from her life threatening injuries.  We are so pleased to have them on board as sponsors for 2018!  If you are in the market for incredibly athletic, good looking, do any job type of quarter horse, they are your go to people.  
Espana Silk Products, Owned by Trudy Midas are amazing products that keep my animals bodies and coats in the best of shape!  Trudy is an amazing sponsor that has a special bond with Ginger.  Trudy was also in a life threatening accident and was wheel chair bound, with a grim outlook.  She never gave up, and while she was stuck in the wheel chair, all she could do was groom her horses.  She did not like the products she was using, so to the drawing board she went and that is how this amazing product came to life.  Thank you Trudy for an amazing product, and thank you for your support and sponsorship.  
Espana SILKā„¢ grooming products are:
All Natural (no dyes, no salt, no parabens, no phosphates)
Water based,
Extra Hydration (non-oily/nonslip)
Ph balanced,
Natural Preservatives
Naturally soap and detergent free
No petroleum, pyrethrins or alcohol based chemicals
Great for all animals and people too
Environmentally friendly!