meet the horses

Tee Jay Boregard
1999 APHA
Ginger's first horse at the age of 21, he was unbroke, and extrememly emaciated.  Ginger's family bought him fed him up, and started a wonderful journey with him.  Ginger was often told that "once he gains weight he wont amount to much".  Refusing to listen to the negativity, she continued training him and believing in him.  He is now one of the most honest, trust worthy mounts with a huge heart.  One year he broke a rear leg while trick riding and he never even showed it in the arena.  Once they left the arena he picked his leg up and would not walk.  After a year recovery he was cleared by the vet to return to trick riding, and boy did he miss the lime light.  He has the heart of a champion.  Along with being intelligent and compassionate, he brings joy to fans that meet him by answering questions and giving kisses.
Dollar the wild mustang
 10 year old
 Bought from a BLM auction and about as wild as they come, within a few months he quickly became a trick one of the most solid trick riding mounts. He is a favorite among the team for ground work, learning new tricks and a favorite of students who learn to trick ride and western riding.  He is a great teacher for new trick riders and a solid mount for each of the girls during showtime.
  Dollar came from the Great Divide Basin, Wyoming. 
Cuss is a Grulla roan, registered quarter horse off of Blue Valentine Headquarters in Kennedy, Texas.  He and Cobalt are brothers, born the same year.  He came into our lives later then Cobalt, we got him in 2020 and within the year he had proved his weight in gold.  He is now does flags, trick riding, roman riding, liberty and tricks along with anything we need done on the ranch.  He is that all around horse that you run out and grab when your needing to get any job done.  
Cobalt is a 6 year old Blue Roan registered quarter horse gelding that came off Blue Valentine Headquarters in Kennedy, Texas.  He and his brother Cuss are those all around type of horses.  The ones that when you need the job done, you run and grab them and do not have to worry.  His jobs on the team include flags, trick riding, roman riding, liberty and tricks.  

Blue is a registered quarter horse that is 18 years old.  He has been a solid part of this team for many years and even more solid partner to Rose.  They have grown up together.  He is her heart horse, who gives his heart every time he enters the arena.  He is a big boy and his presence is powerful as he gallops around the arena.  
Pocket is a grade mare that is build like a house.  Even though she is short in stature, she is tall in heart.  She is magnificent as she gallops around the arena as fast as her legs will take her.  She carries flags and trick rides.  She is a solid little horse with the heart as big as Texas.  
Cielo is a red roan 4 year old Mustang.  He was Kayla's first mustang to train and compete with for the Texas TIP Challenge.  He quickly became an all around horse, and then Kayla started him trick riding, which he picked up quickly.  He is now an amazing part of this team!  
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat is a 9 year old Mustang Mare from Pancake, Nevada.  She was Cavin Grahams Mustang Magic mare where he competed on her at Fort Worth Stock Show.  Ginger "borrowed" her for a show, decided she would throw a trick saddle on her to see if she would be a back up horse for trick riding, and she has been on the team as one of the main horses ever since.  She loves to run, and trick riding gives her that freedom.  Her job includes trick riding, flags and bridle less acts.